Why you should choose Bepahkupi ?​

Innovation For The Future

Education for The Coffee Family

We Care About Our farmers & Coffee Lovers

Teams Of Expertise

Green The Earth​

We believe innovation collaborating with technology will produce something extraordinary in the future.

Education is the key, therefore all educated bepahkupi farmers, as well as farmer families have the right to higher education and world coffee lovers understand that the best coffee is born from a broad mind and soul

We care about the welfare of farmers and colovers in the world and are entitled to enjoy coffee from the best beans ever grown.

Bepahkupi’s team is a special force. All of whom have different skill. This is our strength, to create product that can beenjoyed by everyone.

Bepahkupi will green the planet with the best plants and organic care for all coffee plants.


Retail Chain

Fulfill highly demand coffee beans to your retail/online store

Customize your coffee bean with your coffee bean with your specification & requirement

Coffee Roastery

Diversified your riastery with Indonesian specialty coffee bean.

Partner with us to create advantage to your market competition

HORECA & Food-Beverages

Import directly high-quality Indonesian specialty coffee bean

Supply our coffee bean to your hotel, restaurant, and cafe chain

Trading Company

Frequently supplying the demands of your distribution & supply chain

Import in large quantity to your country and the global market

Our Company Video

We Helping Our Business Partner To Sourcing High Quanlity Coffee Benas From Indonesia

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We are happy to provide you with the best quanlity arabica and robusta coffee green beans that you can depend on

Serve Best Quality

We oversee the packing, processing, drying process to the process of presenting the product. This makes Bepah Coffee products have 1 guaranteed aroma, taste, and quality, also supported by latest technology.
Bepah Coffee is flimmer of hope for coffee farmers, so that the farmer's economy will improve. Finally we able to meet the needs of global market with guaranteed quality.

Ensuring Fair Trade for Coffee Farmer

Bepahkupi plays a role in ensuring development of processing so that there no monopolistic practices that agriculture still uses to harm farmers,
By cutting middleman and improving supply chain, the distribution of coffee will be more efficient and effective so farmer's products are directly linked to the market.

Provide & Customized your Coffee Bean Stock Needs

Bepah Coffee provides raw materials, started from Aceh Gayo where coffee plantations in this land have been developed since 1908, coffee flourishes in Bener Meriah Regency, Central Aceh and a small part of Gayo Lues regions.
Right now, the availablity of coffee raw materials has wide-range coffee variance, also categorized by quality and characteristics that can be customized with our Coffee Experts.

International Market

Established partnership & exports to Fternation] Market.

We already expand our services into America, Australia, Bast Asia & Europe and helping businesses to thrive in coffee industry

  • Trusted International BoB Coffee Exporter
  • Expertise in Green Coffee Beans with Varies Grade and Characteristics
  • Eligible for Exports to International Market
  • Supported by Indonesian Government



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