Why Is There More Robusta Coffee Than Arabica?

There are two types of Indonesian coffee that are most commonly consumed, namely Robusta and Arabica.

According to the Chairman of the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) Daryanto Witarsa, more robusta coffee is produced than arabica coffee.

"70-80 percent is robusta and not special coffee. It is commercial coffee used for instant coffee," said Daryanto at the SCAI COE Press Conference event at Journey To The South, Kemang on Wednesday (12/22/2021).

Daryanto said, Robusta and Arabica coffees have different markets and prices. Robusta is widely used to make instant coffee, while arabica is often found as specialty coffee in coffee shops.

"If arabica follows the price of New York, robusta follows the price of London. So the price is very different," said Daryanto.

In addition to different uses and prices, the amount of production of this type of coffee is also influenced by the place or location.

Daryanto said that he needed highlands to grow good quality Arabica coffee.

"The highlands must have more arabica coffee, the lowlands have a lot of robusta," said Daryanto.

According to him, arabica coffee seeds can be planted at an altitude of 1200-1300 meters above sea level, while robusta can be produced on land at an altitude of 600-800 meters above sea level.

"So we really have to look for very high mountains, now with low productivity in Indonesia, not just coffee," said Daryanto.

High mountains are found in Java, while according to Daryanto, Sumatra, such as South Sumatra, Lampung, and Palembang, do not have many high mountains, so the coffee production produced is mostly robusta.

Daryanto said he was in discussion with the relevant departments to resolve the difference in the number of coffees.

"Indeed, from the Ministry of Agriculture, they have a program of planting 10 million seeds throughout Indonesia, but this depends on the land and others," he said

Meanwhile, he and his colleagues are currently initiating the first international coffee competition in Asia, the Cup of Excellence (COE) to increase the production and export of Arabica coffee.

good, the international competition is an opportunity to increase the quantity and quality of arabica coffee.

"If we increase the quality, the commercial ones will automatically increase and can create a good ecosystem," he explained.

source : https://www.kompas.com/food/read/2021/12/23/180600275/mengapa-jumlah-kopi-robusta-lebih-banyak-dibandingkan-arabika-