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    "Indonesian coffee is renowned throughout the world for its exceptional quality and diversity of flavors that reflect its cultural and natural richness."

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    "Indonesia Kopi Go-Global is an initiative that aims to promote and support the Indonesian coffee industry in achieving global recognition for the quality and diversity of coffee from various regions in Indonesia."

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    It's best to start your day with a cup of coffee. Discover the best coffee taste you have ever tasted. We provide the best for our customers.

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"Bepahkupi is a startup that is wholeheartedly dedicated to developing the Indonesian coffee industry, with the main focus not only on the business aspect, but also on efforts to improve the welfare and lives of coffee farmers, recognizing that Bepahkupi is the main pillar in producing high quality coffee that is a source of pride and national heritage.”

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Acres of Coffee Plantation

Our Market

HORECA & Food-Drink

Impor langsung biji kopi spesialti Indonesia berkualitas tinggi Pasokan biji kopi kami ke jaringan hotel, restoran, dan kafe Anda

Retail Chain

Penuhi permintaan biji kopi yang tinggi ke toko retail/online Anda Sesuaikan biji kopi Anda dengan biji kopi Anda dengan spesifikasi & kebutuhan Anda

Trading company

Sering memasok permintaan distribusi & rantai pasokan Impor dalam jumlah besar ke negara Anda dan pasar global

Coffee Roastery

Diversifikasi riasery Anda dengan biji kopi spesial Indonesia. Bermitra dengan kami untuk menciptakan keuntungan bagi persaingan pasar Anda








Indonesian Gayo Coffee, which originates from the high mountain areas of Aceh, attracts coffee lovers with its unique characteristics, combining a touch of sweetness with a balanced acidity, as well as an aroma unique to its natural environment, resulting in an unforgettable coffee drinking experience.

Mandailing coffee, which grows abundantly in the highlands of North Sumatra, tempts the taste buds with its strong and distinctive taste, presenting a touch of chocolate, hints of fruit, and a finish full of spices, making it an attractive coffee for fans of deep flavors. and complex.

Indonesian Pati Coffee, grown with dedication in the highlands of Central Java, impresses with its smooth yet characterful flavor profile, offering a touch of caramel sweetness that blends harmoniously with refreshing acidity, and provides a coffee brewing experience that pampers the taste buds and invites you to lose yourself. the warmth of every cup.

Indonesia's Semarang coffee, which grows abundantly in the highlands around the Ungaran Mountains, amazes with its unique taste character, combining refreshing acidity with a touch of light sweetness, while its natural aroma creates an enchanting coffee brewing experience and invites you to enjoy the unique beauty of the Semarang region in every serving coffee.

Indonesia's Temanggung Coffee, which grows abundantly on the slopes of Mount Sindoro and Sumbing, provides an extraordinary brewing experience with a deep and complex taste, combining sweet floral nuances with a touch of warm spices, creating a stunning and inviting cup of coffee. to taste Indonesia's natural wealth in every sip.

Indonesian Balinese coffee, which grows abundantly on the mountain slopes and highlands of the island of Bali, attracts with its distinctive flavor character, combining refreshing acidity with a touch of sweet tropical fruit, and offering an alluring natural aroma, creating a coffee brewing experience that pampers the taste buds and brings the soul we wander the beauty of the Island of the Gods in every sip.

Indonesian Toraja Coffee, originating from the highlands of South Sulawesi, invites coffee fans with its deep and complex flavor profile, combining a sweet touch of chocolate with warm nuances of spices, as well as the distinctive aroma of tropical forests, presenting a coffee drinking experience that excites the taste buds and invites you to Enjoy Indonesia's natural riches in every Toraja coffee served.